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Academic Year Calendar (2014 –2015)
Month Name of Activity Date of Activity
June Admission of M.A. Part I & II  
June Admission of Ph.D. Students  
June PET Interviews 27/06/2014
July Students – Teacher Meeting 01/07/2014
July Orientation of Freshers  
August Library Orientation (Central Library & Department Library)  
September Students accompanied First Vaji Bhai Memorial Lecture at the Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan, Juhu, Mumbai, on “The Relevance of Gandhi” by Dr. Prabha Ravishankar 20 September 2014
November Diwali Break  
December PET Interviews 02/12/2014
December Semester I & III (M.A.) Examinations  
December Students – Teacher Meeting  
December Christmas (Winter) Break 27/12/2015 to 04/01/2015
December Presentations by Ph.D. Scholars 12/12/2014 & 16/12/2014
January Admission of Ph.D. Students  
February Parents – Teacher Meeting & Parent Feedback 18/02/2015
February Alumni Meeting and Feedback 14/02/2015
February Students’ – Teachers’ Meeting 26/02/2015
March Heritage Walk (Statues of Mumbai) of M.A. Students 10/03/2015
March Smt. Shanta Gambhir Memorial Lecture 17/03/2015
May Semester II & IV (M.A.) Examinations  
May – June Summer Break 18/05/2015 to 08/06/2015