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Academic Year Calendar (2015 – 2016)
Date of Activity Month Name of Activity
June 1st onwards June Admission of M.A. Part I & II
30/06/2015 June PET Interviews
06/07/2015 July Students’ – Teachers’ Meeting
10.07.2015 July Orientation of M. A. Part I Students: Department Library
16/07/2015 July ‘Know the Heritage of Your surrounding’: Study Tour of South Mumbai
conducted by Alumni of Department for M. A. Part I students
11/08/2015   August Students’- Teachers’ Meeting regarding Dissertation: Selection of Research
Topic and Techniques of Data Collection  
21/08/2015 August Orientation of M. A. Part I Students: Central Library
31/08/2015 August Interaction with Dr. Michel Stack, British Columbia University, Canada
11/09/2015 September Tour of Historical Sites in Mumbai (Commentary by Dr. Varsha Shirgaonkar)
for the students and faculty of Departments of History and Political Science,
S.N.D.T. Women’s University, and for Dr. Michel Stack, British Columbia
University, Canada
18/09/2015 &
September Remedial Lectures for Students Writing in Hindi
7/10/2015 October Guest Lecture by Dr. Binda Paranjape on ‘Konark Temple: A Socio-Cultural
16/10/2015 October Students’ Presentations on Their Research Proposals: M. A. & Ph. D.
27/10/2015 October Release of Book of Dr. Prabha Ravishankar entitled G. A. Natesan and
National Awakening
29/10/2015 October Guest Lecture by Dr. Jyotsna Singh on ‘Kashmir: An Insider’s Perspective
4/11/2015 November Viva of Ph. D. student Ms. Savita Kamble
23rd- 24th December 2015 December Participation of students of History Department in Students’ Led Conference
15.01.2016 January Alumni Meeting and Feedback
As per the announcement of this date by the University January Admission of Ph.D. Students
15/01/2016 January Interaction With International Scholar
18/02/2016 February Parents – Teachers Meeting
24/3/2016 March Presentation by Ph. D. Students
25/3/2016 March Students – Teachers Meeting and Feedback
10 -11 March 2016 March Department Seminar/Workshop
11/03/2016 March H.L. Gupta Memorial Lecture
22/04/2016 April Students’ Seminar